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Kentucky Access To Recovery

Aiding in the recovery from opioid addiction.

A program administered by


Kentucky Access to Recovery (KATR)

is a program to help men and women recovering from opioid addiction.  Services are free to low income adults in eligible service areas who are currently in treatment or early stages of recovery (2 years or less).

KATR does not pay for treatment itself but the resources needed to be successful in recovery.  Participants currently in a recovery program can receive up to a total award of $2,000 for qualifying services within a one-time 6 month timeframe.  Participants in recovery (2 years or less) can receive up to $500 for qualifying services within a 3 month timeframe.  Priority qualifying services are housing, transportation and childcare.

Kentucky Access to Recovery is a “gap” program, designed to supplement but not replace existing services.  If other programs are available, participants must first attempt to access those resources.  

In order to be eligible for services with the KATR program, applicants must:

  • Be a first time participant in KATR and 18 years old.
  • Have an opioid use disorder or history of overdose due to opioid use.
  • Be motivated to work on his/her recovery.
  • Be in treatment or early stages of recovery.
  • Reside in a county where the KATR program is established or immediate surrounding county.
  • Be connected with a case manager, peer support specialist, or clinical person in the recovery community.
  • Identifies with at least one of the following target groups: 1) recently released from incarceration, 2) veteran, 3) pregnant/post-partum or parenting woman with child(ren) under 18 living in the home or 4) part of or recently completed (2 years or less) a recovery program.
  • Be willing to be involved in the recovery community.
  • Be at or below the 200% federal poverty level.
  • Exhaust other available support programs.

For more information about eligibility requirements or to begin the application process, call a KATR Coordinator in your service area:


Jefferson County, Kentucky

620 South 3rd Street, Suite 102

Louisville, KY 40202



Boone County, Kentucky

8020 Veterans Memorial Drive

Florence, KY 41042



Letcher County, Kentucky

2 Main Street

Whitesburg, KY 41858


Kentucky Access To Recovery

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